Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Getting Organized

Now that I have over 200 blog entries, it seemed prudent to get around to organizing them. That way, you won't have to fish around for what you might find interesting, and I won't forget what I've already written about, and what music I've already featured. This could come in particularly handy for the Wednesday portion of the blog, wherein I write about diverse topics like being an accompanist, learning about pipe organ registration, being a composer, effective ways to practice, and so forth.

Of course, that would really be handy, which is why I haven't managed to do it yet. Instead of a topical index for those really useful seriesi on various concerns, I have so far only managed three chronological indexes for each of the three main concerns of this blog: Listen up! on Mondays, wherein I play mainly piano music for you to listen to and read about, Wednesday, addressing topics of interesting to fellow musicians intent on improving their craft, and Fridays, when the subject is being a church organist/pianist, featuring music and discussions around the music and the vocation.

And, just to really sell this thing, I should also mention that these indexes are also already out of date. I did them over the summer and plan to update them at the end of each semester when I have a little time. So at the moment, they only run through summer 2014.

You've got to start somewhere, though, haven't you?

The three index pages will appear this week as tabs at the top of the blog. Enjoy.

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