The Visible Organist

Fridays usually concern music of the church--usually organ, sometimes piano; sometimes there is music to listen to and read about, sometimes the blogs are about general topics relating to the church and its music.


Church Year (generally with music)

Advent A Time for New Beginnings  another in a long parade of beginnings
Get your warm fuzzies someplace else! (The end is near, even though we're just getting started)
The Hymn Tune with the Funny Name (you know, that one!)      Vaughan Williams' Hyfrydol
Wake Up!  (Wachet Auf by J. S. Bach)

Silentium Hydraulis! (new carpet means no organ music--Dacquin: Noel XII for piano?)
The colorized version (Dacquin: Noel XII for organ)
Look what I got you for Christmas! A faux pax!  on getting schooled in organ registration (Dacquin: Noel no. 7)
Silent Note (II. Invitation by Marteau)
Planning Ahead (Guilmant's variations on a ancient Polish carol)

Thinking Warm Thoughts brought to you by Diapason Heating and Cooling

Transition to Lent
A Little Light on a Dark Day (Sweelinck: Christe qui es lux et dies)
We're all going to die...weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! (Telemann: All Men Must Die--fast and slow)
Speaking Figuratively (Sweelinck: Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ)
Lento ma non troppo (Vivaldi/Bach: Concerto in a minor: I. Allegro)
 A Musical Mountain (a tour through the Franck Chorale no. 3 in a minor)
  part one  two  three  four  five  six
Passion Chorales  (six chorales from J. S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion for Good Friday)

 Palm Sunday
Chaos Sunday thoughts on an unusual Sunday in the church calendar

 Easter, out of Season (Guilmant: Offertoire sur Filli)
A bit of listening for the C and E crowd  (M. Praetorius, Summo Parenti Gloria, Vita Sanctorum)

A Grand Old Hymn for Pentecost  in new clothes, too!
Methodist flash mobs and other Theoretical Impossibilities  Our untamed Pentecost
Have you met my friend Hieronymus? (H. Praetorius: Veni Creator Spiritus)  
Welcome to this year's Pentecost program  wild and crazy happenings at a church near you
sleepers, awake?  Reger paints a picture of a sleeping church, and what happens nextI wish I hadn't thought of that earlier  chasing after the wind

Trinity Sunday
Meditating on the Trinity (M. Praetorius, O Lux Beata Trinitas, verses 1 and 2)

All Saints Sunday
Roll of the Dead  a rough year for our church

Thankful  It's Thanksgiving--time to be thankful for the customary Thanksgiving essay!

The role of the organist
The Visible Organist If Waldo were an organist he'd be right over here....
The Day the Muzak Died background religion?
My Weekly Sermon  Why I feel you should listen to organ music in church
Who Cares if you Listen?  more about listening to music in worship
...And then he died  Holidays can be especially difficult for church organists!
Glamour Job so you want to be a church organist, do you?
A union of opposites  What makes a good church, good?
Serving Two Masters (Krebs?: Little prelude in C)
Another blog from your mild mannered church organist Dare an organist have a personality?
Sunday Morning (part one) 
Sunday Morning (part two)  
Sunday Morning (part three)
Sunday morning (part four) 

Vacation how to take a vacation so no one will notice
On the Third Day    Prepare ye the music!

This week in church (or the Strange Doings of the folks called Faith Methodists)
Bored in church? What, me worry?
Seriously. This is what I am playing in church this weekend. Do I need a catchy description of this?

The history and mechanics of the organ  (see Wednesday)
Guilt by Association The long road to acceptance, instrumentally speaking
Window Shopping   I'd like world peace and a 32 foot Contra-Bombard

Congregational singing
A New Song  on congregational singing
A New Song (part two) more about congregational singing
Holding forth at the organ

Fun Weekend some Hymn settings at the November 2013 Chorale Concert

the craft of worship
Making Connections bridging the gaps between short liturgical pieces
Scene in a Sanctuary  what you notice when you aren't buried in your music Omaha!  calling audibles on Sunday morning

Doing our best
Bach vs. Telemann: A Baroque Smackdown

organ literature and musical research
Well, that title will certainly get a few people to read it about an article called "Buxtehude and the dance of death"
Wait for it.... (Bach: Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend)
I'd like to be stubborn like that some inspired studying on the part of Antonio de CabezonA really tiny little blow for gender equality  Evelyn Smyth and her organ chorale preludes
Mr. Sweelinck and I   What made him so ecumenical?
The text of John Rutter's Magnificat    a little extra about the choral concert this weekend

Philosophy and checking up on myself
The Year in Review 2012-13
Time! Time!  Catch it while it lasts
The World is My Parish  (unknown Chinese composer: Flowing Water)
The World is My Parish (part two) 
Empty praise?    Are we just trying to please God or do our congregants matter, too?           
The year in review    2014-15

Scenes from Adolescence  My church organ debut
caesura  sometimes viruses have other ideas about the season...
Much  tales from an exhausted organist
House Concert   oh, the the wild and crazy ways I spend Friday evenings

just for fun
Roar!!!!!!!!!!!!! thoroughly miscellaneous and just as fun
The Thing with the Rodent Predicting the Weather and how it has to do with the Baby Jesus
 Aisle altar him  a little wedding humor -- very little, perhaps!
The Simple Life  ah, la vie facile!
We completely interrupt today's regularly scheduled blog post  wow, that didn't go as planned Now that I've called you all here another installment of pianonoise mailbag

Faith UMC organ project (summer 2014):
Organ announcement
Looking for Organ Donors
The end is possibly a little bit near and will come eventually
Everything old is new again
X Marks the Bombard!
Desktops are nothing new
All or nothing
Catching the flue
There She Goes!
The Principal of the Matter 
A Visit to the Buzard Factory 
A Visit to Buzard's (part two) 
How Low can you Go- 
A Young Person's Guide to the Organ 
It's coming! 
Some Cool Buttons 
She's Back! 
Some more cool buttons 
Concert announcement 
More than you probably wanted to know about this weekend's recital

Pictures from the organ recital (part one) 
Pictures from the organ recital (part two) 

Finale (wrapping it up)

Meet Locutus, your new organist  fun and profit with the new playback system
 (1/13/16) The third season has now been arranged by topic. Give me a few days/hours to topicize the rest.

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