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Pianonoise....the blog, is the first in a wonderful and profitable series of spinoffs of pianonoise.com. In the spring, we anticipate launching Pianonoise, the movie, followed a few months later by Pianonoise, the breakfast cereal. It's all been terribly exciting.

The proprietor of this domain, however, is a mild mannered musical chap from Illinois (USA). His various vocations and employments include being a pianist, organist, composer, accompanist, teacher, and author of whatever the heck this is.

It isn't necessary to read the manual to use this blog. However, if you want to know how it works, it works thusly: Pianonoise...the blog is a three-in-one blog. On Mondays you get to hear music as played by the webmaestro, usually on the piano, and frequently of the classical persuasion (though not always); Wednesdays are for those of us who make music, and ways  to do a better job of it, and Fridays deal with church music and being an organist.

All three parts will hopefully give some behind the apron access to the process of being a musician, thinking about music, how to listen to it, love it, understand it, (ditto on the musicians themselves), and of course, provide a forum for your questions, comments, anecdotes, and non-sequitors. Be nice. That is all.

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