Friday, December 14, 2018

Shepherd sequel

Each year at Christmas I play a pastorale. This is a genre associated with the countryside and with shepherds. A couple of years ago I did a ten part series on them.

You might think I'd played all the pastorales that were to be played and said everything that needed to be said. But I found a couple more.

One came over an internet radio station two years ago when I had cancer. I thought it sounded lovely and made a note to play it when I recovered. I did, and for Christmastide 2017 I played it at an Episcopal church in town where I was a substitute.

One comment I received afterward was that I had gotten sounds out of the organ that they didn't normally hear. I hope that was a compliment ("One hears such sounds, and what can one say, but, Michael Hammer!")

I can't really take credit for the unusual sounds. In this case the composer himself specified an interesting combination of stops. It was one I don't think I've used before, and I've done some strange things with registrations. I'll think you'll know where I'm talking about.

The next year, when I had a job at Third Presbyterian, I made this recording. I hope you'll find it charming as well.

Lemmens, Nicolai. Pastorale in F

The holiday program is up at pianonoise radio.   You can also visit the homepage for more seasonal merriment.

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