Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 in pictures

Ringing in the new year at the Virginia Theater

See, I told you it was a death-defying drop from the lift into the pit!

Rocking out February at The Cowboy Monkey with "Timezone"
March came in like a Leviathon

Now we all know how the butterfly gets there every Easter, right pastor Brad?

This classical piano home recital in April featured an impromptu sing-along

In rehearsal for May's choral festival concert With Dr. Jessop

Once the bishop reassigned pastor Brad, I was left to wonder who was going to try to destroy my coats. Miss you, buddy.

June was also the month to say goodbye to my car (a '97).

And our cat, Erasmus

photobombed by a T-rex at the Field Museum in Chicago (July)

Conducting the Summer Ensemble after Norm got sick this year.  I'll miss these guys, too.

celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in August

Climbing the bell tower at Altgeld Hall. I survived, obviously.

The ghostly page turn at the end of October's "Scary Organ Recital"

Seriously. I don't know these guys. I do not know these people.

The Central Illinois Children's Chorus rehearsing for their annual December Concert with the Champaign-Urbana Symphony.


  1. It was a very good year--from the looks of it. Halloween & house concert I got to hear -- great & great & funny. Thanks from Nadja & moi

  2. Thank you, Steve. You were a big part of it!


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