Friday, June 22, 2018

Our new roommate

This is Rosie. She is the newest member of our family. On May 22 we found her at the Humane Society shelter. She was really scrawny, and had mange from fleas. She spent the first week in our basement, hiding behind boxes.

It had taken our former feline, Erasmus, a while to make the adjustment, so I mostly let her alone, except for an hour each afternoon when I would go downstairs and talk to her gently, reach my hand in and pet her a little. Then she would come out and we would be pals for a while until I left and she hid among the boxes again.

Rosie started spending time on my lap, but was still scared to go into the rest of the basement, as if I were a safe island she couldn't leave.

After a week and a half I got her to go upstairs with me. We have two floors, so it took about three days for her to get up the nerve to ascend the last staircase with me. I had to coax her a lot even though I know she spent the nights exploring the house. I think she was afraid we didn't want her upstairs. Also, when we were gone, dogs could come along, you know?

Eventually she started just hanging around the house. I would come home and she would come out of the upstairs closet (at least she's now hiding upstairs!) and recently she just lays in my chair when I'm not there. That's right; the chair wars have begun!

And she is behaving like a cat now. She attacks cords on the blinds, and things she finds on the floor. She even ate a fly last weekend that I couldn't manage to swat. I congratulated her. I hope it tasted ok. I chose not to eat the one I killed.

Now she even sleeps in our bed. When my wife came home for a late shift at the hospital, there was Rosie in her spot in bed.
I hope she's not jealous! Anyway, it seems to me what the internet needs these days are a few more photos of cute cats. So Rosie and I have done our best to meet the need. Thank you for hanging with us.

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