Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Time to put up the orange barrels

It's construction season all over this great land, and I thought I'd get in on it. But don't worry; this will be pretty painless.

It's time for some summer R and R and also to make some improvements to my web empire. Mostly by indexing, gathering, and allowing for easier cutting and pasting of material so that my homepage always has something to read even when I'm too busy or exhausted to write something new. At this point I've got close to 500 articles (over 300 of them blogs) and given the subject matter I don't think most of them are any more or less relevant now than when I wrote them. You probably haven't read many of them yet so if you check out my homepage once a week (right now I'm updating on Tuesdays) I'll be posting past articles, blogs and recordings for your perusal while I continue to make numerous small improvements (including proofreading) in the content of the 100 pages of pianonoise the site as well as this blog.

Usually the orange barrels go up weeks before any real work begins but I've already gotten started behind the scenes. You aren't likely to notice anything for a while, but as everyone in the service industry likes to say, we are doing this to better serve you.

In the meantime, as is my summertime wont, I won't be blogging for a few months. But please stay on the line. Your readership is very important to us.

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