Wednesday, May 13, 2015

pictures from the festival concert weekend

Before the adventure that is Chorale Festival concert weekend even begins, there is much setup to be done. Therefore, I'd like to thank the committee on Riser Setup, and the first pictures are for (and of) them:

Once Friday evening comes it is time to rehearse! Off we go...

On Saturday, the orchestra comes to take all of my favorite notes away. I still got to keep a few, as there is an organ part in the score. But, alak! How am I going to even see the conductor through all of the people that will soon occupy the risers! Good thing we moved the orchestra down a step later on so the angle was such that I could see Dr. Jessop.

That's better!

Although he is a very active individual, the folks at Google decided to jazz up this picture a bit by making everything (including the immobile objects) move. This was just too funny not to post.

Late on Saturday we got a short break while the Maestro told us a story:


Our Founding Director, Ms. Julie Beyler, and our Principle Guest Conductor, Dr. Craig Jessop, in conversation.

Meanwhile, Ginny tries to conduct The Chorale (actually, I think she was just giving instructions)

There are much better pictures on The Chorale's Facebook page, taken by our official photographer, Eric Frahm (yeah, Eric!). These are just from my phone, when I wasn't busy playing. I did manage to get one of the audience from my perch at the organ. And, when it was all over, a picture of the stillness of the sanctuary, and the last piece on the program, still on the organ the next morning when I came in to resume the rest of the journey....


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